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Šta mislite kako bi se mogao povečati uticaj žena u političkom i javnom životu BiH?

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Javne konsultacije o prednactru javne politike i zakona o podršci porodici sa djecom Ispis E-mail
Ponedjeljak, 19 Juni 2017 07:15

Federalno ministarstvo rada i socijalne politike (u daljnjem tekstu: Ministarstvo) u suradnji s kantonalnim ministarstvima nadležnim za oblast socijalne i dječje zaštite i relevantnim nevladinim organizacijama pripremilo je u formi prednacrta Javnu politiku o zaštiti obitelji sa djecom u Federaciji Bosne i Hercegovine (u daljnjem tekstu: Javna politika) i Zakon o podršci obiteljima s djecom u Federaciji Bosne i Hercegovine (u daljnjem tekstu: Zakon). Udruženje Žene Ženama podržavaju provođenje javnih konsultacija u okviru USAID-ovog Programa održivosti organizacija civilnog društva u BiH( CSSP) u sektoru Prava žena.


Informacije - USVOJENE primjedbe na Prijedlog Krivičnog zakonika RS Ispis E-mail
Petak, 16 Juni 2017 22:35

Na sjednici Narodne Skupštine RS, 15.06.2017. godine usvojen je Krivični zakonik RS u čiji tekst su ugrađeni amandmani o pooštravanju kazni za počinioce nasilja i seksualnog nasilja nad ženom i djecom, predložene od strane partnerske organizacije Ženski Interaktivni Ruralni Centar koje zajedno sa partnerskom organizacijom Žene ženama rade na različitim kampanjama u okviru programa održivosti civilnog društva u oblasti - Prava žena.

Sins of the father: daughters of men who killed for Argentina's regime speak out Ispis E-mail
Srijeda, 14 Juni 2017 14:45

Više...Disturbed by growing denialism, women whose fathers committed heinous abuses urge other perpetrators to break their ‘pact of silence’ over their crimes

“Do you think I’m a monster?” Her father’s question was one that Analía Kalinec had been struggling to avoid since childhood.

But as she confronted him in the prison where he was held under trial for some of the worst crimes in Argentina’s history, it was one she could no longer ignore. Read more...

Women Waging Peace Network Changes Ispis E-mail
četvrtak, 08 Juni 2017 17:06

Dearest Friends,

Nearly 20 years ago, 110 of us met for the first Women Waging Peace Colloquium at Harvard to fundamentally change the way decisions about war and peace are made.

Since then, we’ve made space for ourselves in the halls of power on multiple continents as you’ve grown to a preeminent group of more than 2,000 women experts. When we changed our name to Inclusive Security (to appeal to the US policy world), you insisted on keeping the name “Women Waging Peace” for your network. Good choice!

Women’s Peace Dialogue and the Women’s Peace Dialogue Platform Ispis E-mail
Subota, 29 April 2017 22:45

The Women's Peace Dialogue is looking for participants to join us for our third round of dialogue in June 2017. The Women's Peace Dialogue and its Women's Peace Dialogue Platform focus on bringing together women peace leaders from Eastern and Southern Europe, Central Asia, and the Baltics who work in peace building in their countries and communities through a gender perspective and wish to exchange best practices and skills, including implementation of international instruments like UNSCR 1325 for example, with other women in the region.

The Women's Peace Dialogue seeks to build a network of women peace activists ready to address existing or arising issues with the active participation of women while also strengthening the women's movement in the region. Read more...

Direktorij donatora Mreže za izgradnju mira Ispis E-mail
Utorak, 25 April 2017 17:29

Više...Direktorij donatora u BiH je vodič o izvorima finansiranja za organizacije civilnog društva u Bosni i Hercegovini ali i regiji, tj. post-jugoslovenskim zemljama.

U Direktoriju možete pronaći informacije o 574 donatora i poziva za projekte sa uredima donatora u BiH i/ili svijetu, a koji finansiraju aktivnosti u BiH i/ili regionu. Detaljnije...

An Appeal for daily Danas Ispis E-mail
Srijeda, 19 April 2017 23:41

Belgrade, 18 April 2017

Over the past twenty years the Danas daily has been staunchly standing for democratic values and resisting all forms of authoritarianism, media manipulation and degradation of public communication. The paper played a major role in the democratic transition in the 2000s, it has distanced itself beginning from any regime since and has been doing its best to timely and fairly inform its readership about all relevant issues of the society.

Uspjeh na zasjedanju Komisije o statusu žena u sjedištu UN-a Ispis E-mail
Petak, 31 Mart 2017 17:40


Prije tjedan dana 24. ožujka, završilo je 61. zasjedanje Komisije o statusu žena u sjedištu UN-a u New Yorku.

Arria-formula Meeting on Women, Peace and Security and Mediation Ispis E-mail
Srijeda, 29 Mart 2017 03:35

This afternoon, Italy and the UK are chairing an Arria-formula meeting on Women, Peace and Security and Mediation. Interventions will be made by Benedetto Della Vedova, Italy’s Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and Baroness Anelay, UK Minister of State for the Commonwealth and the UN and Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict. The briefers will be: Kyung-wha Kang, Senior Advisor on Policy to the Secretary-General; Dr Specioza Naigaga Wandira Kazibwe, member of the Panel of the Wise of the AU and coordinator of the Network of African Women Mediators for Peace; Sigrid Kaag, Special Coordinator for Lebanon; and Irene Fellin, president of Women in International Security, Italy. Read more...