An Appeal for daily Danas Ispis E-mail
Srijeda, 19 April 2017 23:41

Belgrade, 18 April 2017

Over the past twenty years the Danas daily has been staunchly standing for democratic values and resisting all forms of authoritarianism, media manipulation and degradation of public communication. The paper played a major role in the democratic transition in the 2000s, it has distanced itself beginning from any regime since and has been doing its best to timely and fairly inform its readership about all relevant issues of the society.

The paper has proved itself to be – and not only symbolically – the true counterpoint to most dailies in Serbia, launched in problematic processes of privatization and commercialization: most of those media are tabloid press, totally uncritical about any regime and disinterested in digging deeper into any social or political problematic.

The Danas daily in one of the few media in Serbia respecting and supporting, from the very beginning, the activity of the country’s civil sector and thus providing visibility to domestic non-governmental organizations. It stands out at the media scene with its pages open to the sensitive issue of facing the past, reminding the society of war crimes and Serbia’s unwillingness to acknowledge its responsibility for the wars in the 1990s.

Because of its policy of a highly professional, objective and critical daily paper, Danas has usually been in disgrace with political-financial centers of power that occasionally subject it to open pressure threatening its very survival. In the past year that pressure was mostly manifest in the paper’s practical ostracism from the marketing scene.

The waves of popular criticism and dissatisfaction with the present regime flooding the streets all over the country this spring stirred up interest in the Danas daily. The paper now has the opportunity to attract new readership, mostly among the young. The paper’s editors and journalists have readily met this new challenge and are now doing all in their power to meet the expectations of their readers. What they badly need now, however, are more correspondents from local communities in protest or with pressing problems and yet another daily issue, all of which is far beyond the paper’s financial means.

Ever since 2012 Danas has practically been constantly on the regime’s hit list, it has been fined and driven away from the market of advertising by the agencies directly or indirectly controlled by governmental institutions, i.e. the ruling coalition. It is common knowledge that no daily paper can possibly survive without advertisements.

Bearing in mind Danas’ role and significance, we, the undersigned, appeal to all donors to help survive this daily paper – one in the handful of truly free and professional media in today’s Serbia – through the programs and models that used to help to preserve journalistic dignity and ensure the freedom of expression in the 1990s.


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