Do not wait to hedge your IRAs by investing in gold – Get gold IRAs set up today

Your individual retirement funds are not supported by anything that has real value. This is true for the longest possible time. The only actual money has ever known are gold and silver.

Despite many economic crises and changes, the US Dollar has been stable even when it was still being backed by physical gold backed IRA. The golden standard was repealed and the currency you had in your IRAs has continued to decline.

All the retirement accounts have lost 40% of their value! If you don’t find this alarming, keep your money in those accounts and guard it with thin air. Inflation cannot affect gold as real money.

What’s the deal?

The biggest reason for the imminent economic collapse would be inflation! Your fund managers might tell you that you have seen your money increase by 12%. Before you celebrate, make sure you check the inflation rate of the economy and then shout victory if it is appropriate.

The US dollar can destroy the value of an asset, but it cannot accumulate the exact same value on another asset. Because of the printing of paper currency, there are tons and tons. This is the government’s method of getting more paper money in order to subsist all of its operations and to stay afloat. This is why inflation can be so disastrous for those who do not have protection against such disasters.

This value rests in GOLD, according to many smart investors. Every single one of the many pieces of paper money that exist will be taken into account to determine the gold price when the BOOM happens worldwide. Inflation is depriving the US dollar of its purchasing power. The boom can be anticipated using the indicators of volatile markets and economy. Take advantage of these indicators to predict the future.

George Sorosranked 26 on the Forbes list of world’s most powerful billionaires. They stated that the US dollars is very weak, and investors are switching to real assets.

Is your IRA already ‘hedged’?

People who lost IRA funds due to market swings that were not favorable may be familiar with this. Many people still grieve over the loss of what they worked hard for. They lost their savings, their future, and their money.

It doesn’t mean you have to be among them. By placing your retirement savings in a solid investment, you can help protect them.

Gold IRAs include holdings with GOLD in the investment portfolios.

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