How to Convert a 401K (to a Gold IRA): Don’t be left behind in the next market crash

You worked hard for your retirement plan. Don’t be left vulnerable for the next market crisis! Precious Metals can be a great way to invest in precious metals best company to rollover IRA to gold. They are more volatile than mutual funds and equities, and will help you to diversify your retirement portfolio.

Gold is a high performance vehicle

Did you realize that the gold market outperformed the stock exchange by a ratio as high as 4 to 1 over the last 20 years? The stock market currently stands at an all-time high and the gold and silver markets are at year and half lows. This means that you have a great opportunity to either sell high or buy low with an asset. Many people are looking to increase their exposure to precious metals like gold and silver, due to the current bullish investment trends in these precious metals. You can convert your 401k retirement savings account into a gold 401k (or silver 401k) to gain protection without any cash out of pocket.

You can be sure that paper assets will be exposed when the dollar drops again.

Can I use My 401(k), To Buy Gold Or Silver?

Your employer’s restrictions may limit your 401k investment options. Therefore, you will need to investigate what options you have. Generally, you can withdraw your 401k assets in order to buy silver or gold just like you would any other investment option.

Many experts actually compare today’s market conditions to 2009, when it was at its peak of 14,000. Many people retained their stocks during that period, but the stock market plummeted to 6,700 points six months later. Many people were losing more than half their retirement accounts. It happened five-years ago, and history repeats itself so it’s possible that it could happen again.

What Do You Need To Do

If your 401 (k) comes from a company, or companies you no longer work for, you can roll those funds over into a Traditional IRA. Your 401(k), funds can be used to purchase Gold or Silver once they have been deposited in an IRA.

If you work for the same company as your 401(k), it might still be possible to release those funds for a rollover. This is known as an “inservice distribution” if it is possible. An “inservice distribution” isn’t a loan. It is a real distribution of funds that can easily be rolled over (within 60 day) to a Self directed IRA. There are no tax consequences. In such cases, your current 401K provider should be able to allow an in-service distributor. If your provider allows for in-service distribution, they can help you navigate the process.

Why Your Advisor Won’t Recommend Silver

Rarely are institutions set up to manage the precious metals components of retirement plans. Financial advisors have only the ability to recommend securities that are traded publicly. They haven’t been extensively trained on them. While advisors may recommend mining stocks and precious metal Exchange Traded Funds for their clients, this is not the same thing as investing in precious or rare metals. Precious metals have tangible assets. ETFs behave just like any other paper asset. They can be affected by the volatility of the stock markets, inflations, earnings of companies, and corporate fraud.

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