Stones that can be used for healing

If you have ever wondered whether stones for the healing of your body are true or fiction, don’t worry. Many others are trying to understand why stones for healing even work.

What is the purpose of stones in healing?

These stones are commonly known as gems. The healing power of gemstones has been around for many centuries. But, it seems that the trend towards alternative methods in the late eighties was more evident. There is evidence of this miraculous healing technique in America, Europe and Africa. The proof was more clear in Egypt, Africa (where Mentuhetop & Cleopatra were the healer queens).

Papyrus dating from around 1600 BCE is the perfect example of stones to be used in healing.

In Lemuria’s ancient times, priest-healers understood and used a special Earth-based method which utilized crystal and other gems for healing.

Although stones cannot be used for healing by physicians, they are trusted completely by many. American crystals and gemstones were used to treat the following ailments:

* Tension
* Increase confidence
* Improve physical ability
*Heal the body, mind, spirit

The fact that crystals may be programmed to contain all energy is well known. Thus, crystals and gems reap the many benefits.

These energies, which can heal and transform people’s lives in many ways can be reached by various means. Use crystals to channel Reiki energy in order to enhance Reiki healing. By using the crystals together with musical instruments, it can increase sound healing.

Crystals and gemstones can help improve meditation. A strip of felt can be attached to your third eyes as a headband. It should have a gemstone under it. It is vital for successful gemstone-healing that Imagine be allowed to freely flow.

Stones for healing are a popular belief that many people get when they encounter a unique stone. They will feel happy, calm, and relaxed when they wear this particular stone. At this point, gemstone healing can begin for them as the healing energy shifts between the stone and the owner.

A healing process can last for several days and be either emotional or spiritual. These stones are available in a variety of ways. They can be worn as jewelry and even kept close while sleeping.

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