Where To Look Up to For Loans For Women? Discover The Tips

Funding for small businesses should not be an issue for women entrepreneurs in times like this when opportunities to get the desired grants to abound. We shall be taking a look at sure proof areas where women in business can get the funding that they needed free of charge to move their business forward.

Fedex Small Business Grant

There is a yearly grant contest here where 10 recipients are given the grants that they needed to move their business line of operation forward. Your company should be in place to qualify for this award. The winner at the end of the contest will get a grant of $25,000 will the cheque for the runner up is $15,000. The remaining 8 contestants will get a grant of $7,500. This is a yearly event and with adequate preparation, there are bright chances of being a winner at the end of the contest.

Chase Mission Main Street Grants

This is yet another fertile ground that women in business can look forward to the desired business grants. There are strict guidelines involved in the contest before the 20 winners can emerge. It is strongly advised that any contestant should devote ample time to make sure that all the loose ends are tied before sealing the application form. This year the sum of $2 at $100,000 per recipient was given out by JPMorgan Chase Bank. The grants are given in recognition of the roles played by the small businesses towards their local community development and it includes a trip to the headquarters of Linkedin.

Miller Lite Tap the Future Grant

The Miller Lite Tap the Future Grant also gets our nod as one of the fertile places for women entrepreneurs to get the needed lifeline for their business line of interests. The additional resources, as well as seminars relating to your chosen line action, are part of the packages that are included in this package. The sum of over $20,000 will be given as grants to winners.

Sam’s Club Grant Program

This grant program is worthy of a place on our list of possible places that women can look up to if they wanted to beef up the fortunes of their business. This is not directly given to small businesses, it’s direct involvement is in funding NGO’s that has interests in funding small business startups. Can you, therefore, see where the gains lie? Simply keep all the nonprofit NGO’s in your area under watch; if any of them wins the grant, then you can go for such to get the grant from them to move your business to the next level.

Wal-Mart Foundation

This is a big one that gives grants to organizations irrespective of their size. Four years ago, 2015 to e precise, this organization awarded a whopping $1.4 billion in grants to business owners. This is a big one and if you can patiently follow the rules in your application, the chances are there that you will get a slice of their annual price money given to deserving recipients. Just like in the Wal-Mart Foundation, if you are not directly eligible, you can partner with someone eligible and be part of the winning bids.

The Zach Grant

The criterion is a submission of a three minutes video that details the reasons why you went into your line of business. Extra care should be taken here to provide all the needed details that will be compelling enough to sway the panel to the side of your bid and everything should be done with 180 seconds-anything outside that time frame will lead to failure. The grant amount here is $2,500 which the winner is entitled to.

Other Areas

The above is the exclusive list of where women in business can get a large sum in grants. What is required is to simply follow the rules and play along with it to the letter and you will get the desired results. Make sure that you ascertain your qualification for each of the grants before you enter for it. After getting in your bid; keep an eye on it by following it up along the line through to the announcement of the winners. There are other areas that women in business can look up to get the desired grants. You can check online for a verified list of where women in business can get the desired grants for their business. Study the terms and make sure you are qualified before throwing your hat into the ring.


Money should be the last worry for women in business who desires to move their business to the next level. The options above are excellent places to look for free funding. With due diligence in filling the application, the results that gladden the heart will follow.